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Exceptional engineering is the foundation of our continuing success in the security integration industry. Our commitment to product evaluation and our obligation to stay ahead of the latest technology advancements provides our team of experts with the working knowledge and skill sets required to successfully deliver everything we promise.

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Interlink Security & Communications is a security systems integration company interfacing tomorrow's technology into today's demanding needs for electronic security.
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Security by Design

Architects and engineers address and develop creative solutions and encompass a multitude of considerations in building design.  This includes site planning, construction management, mechanical and electrical infrastructure and more often in today's marketplace also includes the design and engineering of both physical and electronic security.  Today's changing environment has dramatically increased the demand for heightened security.  This elevated concern challenges today's A&E's with expectations from their clients to address their security needs.   The "Design Build" of security includes physical, operational and technological issues that must be balanced to insure that building structures and office spaces are not only secure, but are functional, comfortable, ergonomic and sometimes even inspirational.

The "security equation" in the design build environment is about protecting property, information and most importantly people.   The major components of addressing electronic security needs are found within proper design of access control, CCTV surveillance, communications and response.  Addressing security needs should always consider both external intrusion and sensitive workplace supervision.

Your relationship with Interlink Security and Communications, Inc. is best defined as a complimentary collaboration that can deliver intelligent and comprehensive solutions to your clientele.  Our capabilities begin with the unique ability of our professionals to work with the A&E sector and assist with the technical design and selection of the most up to date and applicable electronic security products to properly meet the needs of a project.  Upon completion of the collaborative design phase, Interlink provides the professional services to project manage, program, train and deliver these electronic systems to the end user.

We compliment our services further by offering a full service, maintenance and support program to keep these critical systems in good working order.  The collaboration  between Interlink and your firm ultimately results in the combined ability to provide complete and value engineered security solutions.