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Our solutions

Access Control

  • Provide automated admittance control of doors at an entire facility or specified areas that are considered more sensitive in nature
  • Provide control to elevators and parking facilities
  • Provide visitor management control
  • Tracking of employees with audit trails
  • Tracking of valuable assets such as laptop computers
  • Photo-ID badge systems that are fully integrated
  • Biometrics compatible systems

CCTV Cameras

  • Provide observation and surveillance of business locations, staff and inventory Provide ultra-fast, post incident review
  • Provide surveillance monitoring of facilities for employee safety
  • Monitoring and recording of sensitive areas to deter theft
  • Reduce the risk of injury in hazardous locations

Digital Recording

  • Offers superior image quality, easy-to-use search functions and fast remote access
  • Systems with recording speeds up to 480 pictures per second
  • Cameras are independently adjustable and can be viewed in real time
  • IP systems with recording speeds up to 10 megapixels
  • Standard systems with up to 720 X 480 resolution
  • Digital produces quality that surpasses analog machines
  • Pan, tilt and zoom control
  • Multi-site location surveillance and recording


  • Provide centralized communications from remote and distant locations back to a security command center
  • Allows for voice verification for manual entry control
  • Provide emergency communication for parking structures and campuses alike
  • Communication for entrance ways, stairwells, loading docks and gates
  • Paging for emergency notification and evacuation
  • Compliments office telephone systems
  • Multi-building integrated systems

Intrusion Detection

  • Provide detection of unauthorized entry to any facility
  • Central station monitoring for customer notification and police dispatch
  • Provide an audit trail of authorized personnel that open and close a facility
  • Provide automated notification of emergency and panic alarms

Photo Id Badging

  • Vast selection of photo identification badge types and printing media
  • Signature capture, printing and verification
  • Complimentary dossier functionality
  • Security features including holograms
  • API digital camera interface
  • Intuitive user interface with multiple and custom data entry screens
  • Access control interface with user level restrictions based on user password
  • Multiple concurrent printer support
  • Batch and duplex printing
  • Multiple ODBC friendly database support with instantaneous toggling between databases
  • User definable database fields
  • Works as a stand alone workstation or can be networked for multi-site solutions